"Read What People Are Saying"

"Great Place for Families & Individuals"

Great place for families and individuals. Knowledgeable professional, Ellen Baehr is great at teaching children and adults! She also does a great job training all levels of horses. The horse shows run by Ellen at this facility are fun and educational! Diane Y, (Judge)


“Ellen is a truly impressive professional on so many levels. Thanks to Ellen for a top-notch schooling show experience. Your farm looks incredible.” JoJo L, Trainer, Just Cruising

"Excellent Advice & Excellent Ponies"

“I've worked with Ellen for many years and she's always provided excellent advice and ponies! She always lends a helping hand and does an outstanding job with all of her riders and animals.” Sybil G, Trainer, Wynmore Farm


"Represents the Horse Fairly"

I’ve been doing business with Ellen for over 15 years, buying and selling horses. Ellen always represents the horses fairly and gives you a complete assessment of the horse and their capability so we have a proper fit for the horse” Lisa W.

"Best Atmosphere"

Happenstance Farms has the best atmosphere to grow your equestrian aspirations! I have learned so much from Ellen Baehr. She not only focuses on riding skills, but she instills true horsemanship values in every rider. I have learned to ride many different types of horses and overcome many obstacles, thanks to her excellent training. Happenstance truly is a team, where riders of all skill levels support each other and have a ton of fun! Andrea F., Amateur


“I have been taking lessons here for two years and a few months. This place is incredible. Right from the start the staff teaches you everything. You will never be left clueless at this place. The staff is super flexible with schedules, and you always know days before if there is any complications. The atmosphere is so amazing. You form such an amazing bond with the staff and horses. I have made some amazing friends here. There is never a stranger at Happenstance.” Emma B, Rider


"Perfect Fit"

"The perfect fit. The barn offers great amenities that are constantly being upgraded, and the care the horses receive is top-notch. The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming, and you never meet a stranger at Happenstance; from the moment you walk in, you make new friends. Ellen is a true professional and you can tell this isn’t just a job, this is her passion, and her hard work and dedication never ceases to amaze me. She cares about her students and wants them to succeed in their goals, no matter how big or small. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ellen in many areas of the sport from buying and selling horses, training, lessons, and showing locally and nationally. I can’t say enough good things, and am happy to call Happenstance Farms my home.” - Christy D., Amateur


"The Best Hunter/Jumper Barn!

An owner who gives her all. Best horse care! The list goes on and on...” Jenni D.

"Like Family!

“My daughter has been riding with Ellen at Happenstance Farms for a few years and it is by far her favorite place to be. She started off taking lessons, moved on to leasing a show horse, and has finally achieved her dream of owning her own horse with exceptional guidance and professionalism along the way. Fellow riders feel like family from day one and are supportive of one another in every aspect. Whether you are looking for beginning lessons, advanced riding direction or to take your horse on the road to show, there is something for everyone at Happenstance Farms!” Dee J. Parent

"A Second Home!

My 12-year-old daughter has been riding at Happenstance for nearly 5 years now. Over this time, it’s become a second home and its staff and other patrons a second family. This sense of family is what makes Happenstance so special. I believe it was Churchill that said, “No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle”. This quote rings true every day at Happenstance Farms. Ellen is a highly respected owner / trainer that works tirelessly to make the barn and her students the best they can be. Ellen leads by example, and the lessons go well beyond riding safety, form and etiquette. Students old and young gain confidence, they learn the importance of focus and see first-hand through Ellen what hard work and dedication can bring. Come give Ellen and Happenstance Farms a look. You won’t be disappointed…… Steven Smith

"Every Rider is Treated the Same!

”Happenstance Farms is a hidden gem! From the moment you walk into the barn you feel something different. The difference is that all the riders are friendly and willing to help with whatever you need whether it is your first lesson or your 50th. That warm feeling has never turned cold, which is a rarity. Ellen is smart, talented, hard-working and honest to mention a few of her many qualities. She treats every rider the same no matter their riding level or their financial situation. I am grateful to have our daughter learning under Ellen and Happenstance Farms. It is a great atmosphere to learn how hard work and dedication can grow your passion!” Christy S., Parent

"Honest, Hard-working, and Passionate"

“Ellen Baehr is both an extremely talented rider and knowledgeable instructor. She is an industry expert, able to teach proper horsemanship and riding to all skill levels. Her ability to correctly start and advance horses and riders alike surpasses all I've encountered. Additionally, Ellen's attention to detail around the facility ensures that all equines at Happenstance have their needs met to the fullest. Ellen is honest, hard-working, and passionate. She creates a wonderful barn atmosphere that my family is grateful to be a part of.” Kerri R., Parent